Social Media Tips for Christmas Campaigns – Part 2

Christmas Campaigns

Last week we gave you some great ideas for social media Christmas campaigns which you can see here. But as it’s Christmas and we’re feeling generous here at Strategy Social Media, we thought we’d give you a couple more!

Christmas Contest: Twitter Follow & Retweet Giveaway

Asking for a Retweet is a good way to make sure your promotion reaches even more people. And asking for a Follow means that you’ll be able to keep in touch through your tweets and be able to contact them through a direct message, whilst also growing your audience for the future! You could also ask them to tweet about something like a favourite childhood memory, or even ask for a photo. Do you remember the #selfiecontest from a while back? Like that. Remember to use a specific hashtag so that you can track who has entered the competition!

Advent Calendar countdown

In the countdown to Christmas, each day could be an opportunity to give away a new product, discount code or even an interesting fact. Use hashtags and images to make sure people know is it part of the Advent Calendar campaign. These are great fun and are good opportunity for you to engage with your audience.

Decorate and cover your profile and cover photo

If you want to get your audience in the seasonal spirit you may want to change your profile to reflect the holiday.  At this time of year, people browse social media more than ever, so a festive and eye-catching photo will capture their attention and which will prompt them to check out your profile. They could even become a potential customer!

Ask Questions

The best way to get people talking about Christmas and engaging with you is by asking questions. What is your favourite Christmas song? What do you like to eat on Christmas day? Who’s in charge of cooking Christmas dinner in your house etc. People love to talk, relate and get excited about it all. This is also a good chance to get to personally know your audience and get a better idea of the things they enjoy, which you can later use for your communications / campaigns.

Top Tips & How To’s

Help your audience out through these busy times! Give them helpful tips such as last dates for postage and to-do lists to make their planning easier. Top tips for prepping, planning or wrapping might be great to share with your followers, and is something they will appreciate about your brand!

So there are some more social media tips for the festive season. If this was helpful, follow us on twitter @StrategySMedia. Merry Christmas!

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