Implement (Brand Awareness/Reach)

  • 20 x Social Media Posts
  • 1 x Personalised Video OR 10 extra posts
  • Algorithm work (1 channel) – the stuff that makes your reach go further
  • Bespoke scheduling and reporting software (Socially Sorted)
  • Unlimited Marketing Advice (messenger, email or the FB Group)
  • Monthly update Call & Report
  • Minimum time frame 3 months

£385.00Add to basket

On this package – socially sorted is included and therefore posts can be adjusted and posted out to any other channel for an extra £100 per month

Use this package if you realise your time is worth more than £25 an hour.  As a business owner with the experience you have in your own area of expertise, what do you value your time at?  Do this quick calculation 

Amount of money you want to take home every month (this should be no more than 1/3rd of your turnover.   So, if you want 5k you will need to be bringing in at least 15k a month, to pay for all outgoings, reinvestment and tax.  

Decide how much you want to work.  Realistically at the beginning you are going to be working every hour you can, but what is your vision?  How many weeks holiday would you like a year – 6?  How many hours a day – 7?  

So, if you would like 5k a month, 6 weeks holiday and working 35 hours.  Then you need to be bringing in 15k pm which is 180k a year.  Divide 180 by 46 weeks = £3913 a week divided by 35 =£112 an hour.  

So, in this example, you should be valuing your time at £112 an hour (note – you may or may not be earning that yet).  Any activity that you could pay someone else to do for less than £112 per hour, is what you should outsource.  Book-keeping.  Admin.  Social Media Management.  Web design.  Copywriting.  Email marketing.  Facebook Ads creation.  You get the picture.  If you can earn more doing what YOU do, then pay someone else to do the other stuff. 

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