Our Top 5 Tips for Getting Engagement on Social Media


 There is such a lot of noise about social media out there, how do you know what to do? Well over the last 40 or so months of running Strategy Social Media, this is what we have found are the best ways to squeeze the maximum return out of your social media:

  1. Share amazing content – yours and other peoples

Some companies are worried about sharing content created by their competitors, but it ultimately has a positive effect.

By sharing the best content from any source, YOU become the one-stop-shop for the information your avatar (your ideal customer) .

Once your fans rely on you as their go-to source for information, your Facebook engagement will organically increase. Because they’ll visit your page when they don’t see your posts in their newsfeed.

Sharing others’ content also shows that your brand is helpful, and not just a “me-me-me” in it for the sale.

  1. Relate to your audience using universal experiences

There are things that all people can relate to – like running out of battery on your mobile, seeing an amazing sunset, or getting stuck in traffic. This kind of content (things that everyone can relate to), is far more likely to get engagement from your Facebook fans.

And if there are things that your specific market will understand – then use those things.  For example – if you are all about property sales – pictures of how NOT to do it might raise a smile and get some engagement.  Or if you are after a certain generation of people, then references to that era – for Baby Boomers maybe a post asking what their favourite Beatles song is etc.

You don’t have to be extremely creative or original to get people engaged with your Facebook posts. You simply need to build a connection with people and show that you understand them.

  1. Points mean Prizes – or Prizes mean likes.

If you’ve been to a trade show and noticed a very busy stand, they are probably giving away food, or have a prize draw!  The same works on Facebook (well maybe not the food thing – although it CAN work).

Contests are great for creating brand awareness, generating leads, and growing your presence as long as what you’re offering is unique and truly valuable.

  1. Take Up A Cause

Growing your business might be a worthy cause for you, but frankly your customers don’t really care.

On the other hand, if you know your avatar well, and you know there is a cause, charity or reform that they are passionate about – then tie yourself to that cause.  But MEAN it.

When you show your genuine support for something that matters to your audience, they are likely to support you to. Because it’s like they are helping their cause/charity/initiative.

  1. Give Before You Get

You have to, have to, HAVE TO remember that people do not go to social media to be sold to.  They go to be social, connected, entertained, inspired,  to find out something before other people, or just to fill in time while on the train home.

They don’t want to be sold to.  So you have to give give give and keep on giving.

So here are the 3 ways you GIVE on social media.
  • Give to Your Audience. Great content, education, inspiration, information.  You have to produce stuff that people want to watch, read or look at.  Otherwise – if you bore them – they won’t come back.
  • Give to Your Supporters. When people make the effort to like, comment or share your stuff – acknowledge them, thank them, interact with them. This is what they want – this is why they take their precious time to comment.  The least you can do is give them what they want (attention), because if you don’t – they might not do it again.
  • Give To Other Businesses / Influencers. For 2 reaons.. In order to work with the new algorithms you need to be liking, sharing, commenting and retweeting.

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