Social Media Tips for Christmas Campaigns 

Christmas Campaigns

So the best holiday of the year is only around the corner (ho, ho, ho merrrrrrry Christmas!) and whilst this is a time for relaxation, the few weeks leading up to it can be anything but! Especially for those that work in the social media industry, as we have to make sure everything is still running smoothly, even when we are at home with a glass of mulled wine! So here are some tips for Christmas Campaigns to make life a bit easier for you:

Create Christmas themed content

This is your chance to stand out on social media and have some fun. Automate some posts to celebrate the holiday. A good idea could be to do “the 12 days of Christmas!” which includes one bit of Christmas themed content a day during the 12 days of Christmas! You could even use a tool like Canva to create some cool festive designs.

Spice up the theme on your site

Christmas campaigns are the perfect excuse to spice up your website and social media channels with some festive vibes. There are plenty of themes to pick from on sites such as WordPress that could make you website stand out above the rest.

If you have a developer handy, you could add some festivity to your homepage. You could fill the areas of your page that are normally empty with snowmen/Santa graphics to get that Christmassy feel/

Run a price promo

Don’t miss this opportunity to run a price promotion. Your customers will appreciate the savings and remember that a small discount might be all that’s needed to nudge them into buying. It’s up to you to make the offer relevant and visually compelling for Christmas. You could relate the promotional amount or offer period to the theme itself – again, 12 days of Christmas would be a good example.

Hold a contest

It’s a good idea to do this at any time of the year, but Christmas time is a perfect opportunity for a clever contest to entertain your customers and allow them to participate. A festive photo contest on your website or social media platforms, for example. Whoever takes the best holiday photo wins a free*insert product here*. You can really get creative with this one, and it’s fun for your customers, win win!

Schedule a Christmas Day message

Sending out a ‘Merry Christmas’ message from your business is a good way to show customers you care. Don’t worry though; you can still drink your mulled wine and eat your mince pies because there are some great tools like Hootsuite and Socialoomph that allow you to schedule all your content in advance!

Carry it into the New Year

Don’t just leave your social media accounts to gather dust in the period after Christmas and running up to New Years. Keep the momentum going with more festive posts and conversations! Now a lot of companies on social media DO start to gather dust during this period, so again this is another chance for you to stand out!

So there are your social media tips for the festive season. If this was helpful, follow us on twitter @StrategySMedia. Merry Christmas!




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