Christmas and Your Social Media – Will it Be “Ho Ho Ho!” or “No No No!”

Christmas is coming – what do you mean you hadn’t noticed !  The lights are up, the Christmas markets are in full swing and the Christmas films have started popping up on all the film channels. Now we have the mad rush to Christmas and if you, like me, haven’t yet bought a present (OK I have bought FOUR), then there is all the usual juggling of work, home, children, and the additional – present buying, wrapping, party organising, menu planning etc But what about Christmas and Your Social Media?

In the mad rush of many things to do, how do you find time to organise your social media ?  It is tricky but Christmas is such a great time of year for many reasons that it would be a shame not to plan out your social media. It would also be dangerous. Because if your social media is not planned then guess what you get – unplanned posting.

Christmas is a great time to increase your social media – giving intelligent, entertaining, informative content at a time when people have more time to read it (between Christmas and New Year for example) is a great plan.

However, there are some big NO NO’s when it comes to social media at Christmas – the biggest of which is probably the office party. I have always enjoyed our office parties, but in days gone past I have been to some which are more like marathons to be endured than a celebration of a year well spent. You know – the ones where you are expected to turn up, they go on too long, a few people get really embarrassingly drunk and do and say inappropriate things.

Well, that was bad enough in the days before social media. Nowadays, it is just too scary to ignore. Nothing says ‘career suicide’ or even ‘business suicide’ like knocking back the booze and then getting out the iPhone to post something on Twitter, FB or Insta.

And even if YOU are the sensible one and leave your phone in your pocket or your handbag, you can bet that every other person at the party has their device handy to capture any and all incriminating moments. So please resist all temptation to become the latest YouTube sensation for all the wrong reasons, because once something is on social media it is there forever – oh you may think you can delete stuff, but you would be wrong. By the time you think to delete it you don’t know how many people have already seen, downloaded that ‘hilarious’ picture or video and circulated it around the office.

I don’t know what it is about atrocious jumpers, Disney and Christmas songs that create a false sense of security and makes us tell everyone in earshot, what we really think of the boss/the new boy/that irritating customer? As I said, in the ‘old days’ you could probably get away with it because even if the boss heard about it the next day – it could be written off as too much pop. It is much harder to write off a video showing abusive or just inane rantings. Much less likely to be ignored.

On an even more serious note can I ask you to do one thing this Christmas, I would have said make it your New Years’ Resolution but it is too important to wait until New Year. Please, please, please…….


Quite apart from the fact that NOBODY CARES, there is the much more serious issue that CRIMINALS USE FACEBOOK TOO.

For many people – many of their FB friends are people they have never met in real life. That’s OK – it is where the world is going. Many true and beautiful friendships are forged in the Twittersphere or FB world etc and carry over to become real rather than virtual relationships.

However, how many people can swear that there is definitely not one dodgy person on their FB friends list?  If so – why would you want to tell the world and his wife, that you are on holiday / out on your Christmas do (and therefore out for some considerable time and then probably too drunk when you get home to notice the person sat in the car outside your house) or on a night away with your work pals? Why would you?

If you are a boss, it is your additional responsibility not only to set a good example but also to lay down some rules for Christmas Parties – and that should include what is and is not expected re: Social media and the possible consequences of ignoring the party line.

Yes, I know I sound like Scrooge – but if you don’t set out expectations and then try and discipline someone after a Christmas Party Social Media blunder – prepare to fight your corner in a tribunal!

On the plus side, there are some great opportunities as a business, to utilise Social Media over the holiday period, so watch this space next week for some tips.

Right now, our 3 free strategy sessions for December are full, but if you would like a review of your Social Media in January then please email me here and we will be in touch. Meanwhile – enjoy the build up to Christmas!

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