3 Predictions About The Future of Social Media

future of social media

The pace of change in all areas of technology and business is happening at an outstanding rate. And that includes social and digital media. The importance of social media today by no means can be disputed. But, that importance is no longer simply because it is new. Rather it is because social media offers something truly useful to the world and especially businesses, so it’s therefore a good idea to keep up with it all.

So here are 3 predictions about the future of social media (remember that I’m not psychic and this all purely speculative):

  1. Greater focus on profile/personality

The No. 1 deterrent for social media users when it comes to deciding if they want to connect with someone is a lack of profile completeness. It’s a subconscious association that if somebody’s profile is blank and boring then they are too. Whilst there is an option to include information about yourself and a short bio – what you really need to do is make your profile really personal… maybe add songs and playlists and your own designs?

  1. Social media will be automated…

Organic social media will move to automation in the next couple of years, as consumers continue to express exasperation with cluttered messages, interruption and irrelevance. When you think about automation and what it can do it, and already does – it has the ability to let publishers de-clutter sites and get advertising more relevant and be native in a way consumers will accept.

  1. Wearable Social Media

Wearable technology is starting to emerge as the next inevitable game-changer in the tech world, with devices like the apple watch and Google glass which you can read about here. The typical smart watch, as it stands right now, doesn’t offer much more than a smartphone–it’s just attached to your wrist and slightly smaller. But the ways we use a smart watch (or other wearable device) will gradually begin to evolve to better suit the device, and those changes will have an impact on the way we use social media and how businesses use it to interact with their consumers.

I think this will be a very interesting advancement in the world of social media and I’m keen to watch how companies like apple will integrate it into wearable technology. Pun intended!

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